SilkTex LLC

Philip Prince, Lead Designer and Chairman

SilkTex LLC Mr. Prince has been involved in fashion designed since the 1960s when he outfitted JimiHendrix, Mick Jagger, AliceCooper, and Janis Joplin among others. He created the world-famous tuxedo T-shirt worn by the Beatles at the Academy Awards in 1976. The tuxedo shirt brought in more than $20 million in its first year. Since then, Mr. Prince has enjoyed preferred celebrity designer status as he has designed for Cher, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Smokey Robinson, Snoop Dogg, and others. Phillip Prince went on to form New York City based International Design Team Corp. and began private label designing for Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Lord „N Taylor, Burdines, Macy‟s, and other specialty stores. In 1988, Phillip Prince made his first

of many trips to China. He returned with a commitment to concentrate his design work in silk. He developed new methods for treating silk to produce
previously unknown textures and characteristics that he has submitted for patent approval. Mr. Prince continues to operate International Design Team and has also
incorporated Speed City Fast to concentrate on alternative silk

Mr. Prince complements his apparel design with extensive experience in designing cosmetics and skin care products. Phillip Prince is a graduate of the New
York Fashion Institute of Technology. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Advertising from Roosevelt University in Chicago.As
Founder, and the spirit behind Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, Mr. Prince is the Lead Designer, Board Chairman and as a member of the Executive

Ava Avione (aka Pamela Jeanne Weston)

An artist, architect, pilot, poet, businesswoman, and humanitarian, Ava Avioneis truly a Renaissance woman. Her career spans nearly fifty years, covering the globe. She is exuberant and sharp-minded, deeply spiritually connected to life and to her art. Her methods have taken her primarily outside the conventional art world.

Ava Avione is considered by many of the world‟s most notable art critics as one of the “finest living artists in the world.” Her long list of clientele that includes the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the New York Stock Exchange, Queen Elizabeth, Patti Labelle and many others.

Ava has exhibited in over eighty countries and has experimented with endless styles. She is a force of art in nature of her own right, constantly creating a vibrant path of ever evolving art styles and techniques. Her paintings range from that of scintillating energies, to super-realism, to her latest art movement of dimensional expressionism.

Ava is also known as a corporate painter having been collected by over one hundred major corporations. Ava has assisted thousands of artists in their philosophical and financial growth.

Ava‟s paintings have been successfully marketed worldwide from $10,000 for small pieces to $1 million for her large masterworks. Private dealers have sold over $500 Million worth of Ava‟s paintings since 1983.

One of her missions has been to change the way artists fit into the world economy. “I have been able to blend my passion with my creativity and many corporations have found these attributes connect with their employees through my art.”

Ava and her paintings are larger than life and they have been an inspirational force to millions. Ava has exhibited in major museums, magazines, newspapers, concerts, and in television and computer media worldwide. She has created and helped execute many revolutionary concept designs in architecture including resorts, temples, commercial projects, and shopping centers worldwide. Her paintings have graced billboards on Sunset Strip in Hollywood and in Beverly Hills.

She painted in eighteen karat gold for one year while in Rome studying Michelangelo‟s, Bernini‟s, and Leonardo De Vinci‟s Architecture and Sculpture at the Vatican, creating exquisite paintings inspired by these studies.

Previously, Ava occupied (as the sole person) several high-rises in San Diego, CA, Dallas TX, San Francisco Bay Area, and Midland, TX, where hundreds of her paintings were on display and amazing production and distribution occurred.

Ava was born in Boston, MA and now resides in Southern California on a large estate that also serves as her primary studio. She attended University California, Berkeley, and received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture from the University of Oregon.

She is generous and open-hearted, professional, fun, always surprising and a constant student: she recently completed a year of study to learn computer encoding, website building and many other tech-based skills.

Attala Zane Giles, Co-Director of Entertainment

Mr. Giles attended the University of Las Vegas and Akron University. In the early 1980s, he became a member of the group “Switch” as a guitarist. Upon leaving the group, he signed a contract with Quest Records as a writer and producer working with such artists as Patti Austin and James Ingram. Since this time, he has worked for Capital Records as the Director of A&R West Coast, where he produced and collaborated with the Emotions, Earth Wind & Fire, the Jacksons, Janet Jackson, Jackie Jackson, ArsenioHall, Debbie Hall, the Culture Club, VestaWilliams, and many other prominent musicians and performers. He has written and produced soundtracks and musical scores for such feature films as Can’t Buy Me Love, Ghost Busters II, and Ghost Dad, which was performed by the famous Gladys Knight. He was chosen as one of the top four producers as published by R&B Reportsfrom 1989-1991. His song, “Good Woman,” was nominated for a Grammy for Gladys Knight?s best vocal performance. Moreover, he served as the Musical Director for the television shows Big Breakand Different World. He wrote and produced Gladys Knight?s platinum selling album, “Just For You,” as well as the Grammy award winning album “Many Different Roads.” Presently, Mr. Giles oversees the company, Hall of Fame Entertainment and has formed JasicRecords, a Caribbean Label dedicated to Real Organic World Music, and has television distribution through ColoursTV on the Dish Network. At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince he is responsible for arranging endorsements with major music artists; producing the music for advertising, promotions and special events; participating with the Executive Committee under Mr. Gianuliasto assist in the direction and expansion of the Company.

Hiro Yamagata

Originally from Miabara, Japan, Artist Hiro Yamagata has achieved amazing success world wide for his comtemporary art. Hiro Yamagata began his artistic studies in 1972 at L'ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Upon completing his education, he had his first European tour throughout Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany

In 1978 Hiro Moved to Los Angeles, California. Yamagata then toured the U.S. for 7 years. After spending 12 years achieving commercial success with his paintings, Yamagata has completely changed his style. Today, Hiro Yamagata is known for his laser-light installations. Although he's moved on, his serigraphs remain highly collectable.

Ian B. Fletcher, Fashion Director

Australian filmmaker Ian Fletcher is an acclaimed Producer, Director, Writer or Director of Photography on hundreds of music videos on MTV. He has directed large touring productions: the Emmy nominated “Dirty Dancing” –World Tour, Cher‟s “Love Hurts” –World Tour and has directed and written numerous extravaganzas for Toyota hosted by Jay Leno and featuring performances by Natalie Cole and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Prior to his film career, Mr. Fletcher was a noted interior designer in his native Australia. For two years he was Marketing Director/Head Designer for the prestigious House of Pavelli. Later, Mr. Fletcher was recruited as a fashion designer and marketing specialist for Levis, WaltonsLtd and Trent Nathan to design collections and establish distribution and promotion for their clothing lines. As National Marketing Director for WaltonsLtd, Mr. Fletcher managed over eighty large Department Stores and was responsible for tens of millions in purchases by departmental buyers.Mr. Fletcher‟s music video credits include artists from Cher, Natalie Cole, Olivier Newton John, Bill Medley, The Rembrandts and Eric Carmen to hard-edged rock and rap acts like Coolio, DJ Quick, Ice Cube, Spearhead, Collective Soul, Tool, Vince Neil (Motley Crew), Anthrax to list a few. He created promotional music for Director John Hughes in the feature films Weird Science and Pretty in Pink. Most recently, Mr. Fletching has dedicated his efforts toward two distinct projects: Chi and FTT. “Chi” –a cultural and entertainment project is prominent in Mr. Fletcher‟s activities and slated to be launched as a Fine Art Antiquities Exhibition and Entertainment Spectacular in 2010. FTT (Ferrate Treatment Technologies) is a water treatment company which received illustrious recognition when granted “The Best and Brightest” Environmental Award by the Wall Street Journal in 2004. At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, Mr. Fletcher is developing projects and financial planning for the company‟s branding and commercialization.

Larry Windsor, General Manager

Mr. Windsor, a graduate of Cornell University with a law degree from the University of Connecticut, brings decades of experience in corporate America, public service, and private law practice to Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince.. While practicing law in Florida, he was approached to serve on the national staff of presidential candidate Sen. Edward Kennedy. After the campaign,he was recruited by Group W Cable (Westinghouse) during the cable boom of the 1980‟s. He rose to General Manager of the Torrance, CA system and established revenue and profit margins to such a degree that he was named Manager of the Year for hisefforts building and leading a team of 85 employees and taking revenues from $0 as a start-up to $10 million in two years. When Westinghouse divested its cable business, he was recruited by Adelphia Communications to manage public and government relationships with 90 franchising authorities covering six Southern California counties for 1.2 million cable customers. In addition to high level management skills in communications and media, Mr. Windsor has a background in product sales and marketing for big box outlets throughout the U.S. and acts as the General Manager for Mr. Gianuliasin the areas of product distribution and marketing and the Hello Kitty Wine franchise. At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince Mr. Windsor and his staff are responsible for overseeing the smooth flow of manufactured product through the various stages of sales, marketing, branding and revenue collection.

Kevin Dorsey, Vice President

Legendary producer Quincy Jones brought Mr. Kevin Dorsey into the business in 1984 after finishing Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. As a Vocalist, Musician, Producer, Writer, Vocal Arranger, and Voice Over talent, Mr. Dorsey has worked with the top artists of today and on some of the largest projects in the entertainment industry. Some of his credits include: The Color Purple, Forrest Gump, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, The Lion King, Men In Black, Austin Powers, Princess Diaries, Law and Order, The A Team, Night Rider, American Idol, The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Lyle Lovett, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Sting, Luther Vandross, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles, among other prominent individuals and projects. Additionally, Mr. Dorsey has served on the local and national boards of Aftra, and the Board of Governors for NARAS. Mr. Dorsey is currently Chairman of the Artist Development Department at the California College of Music in Pasadena, CA. At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, Mr. Dorsey will use his network to generate celebrity product endorsement agreements to the Phillip Prince design team.

Paul Ring, Director of Universal Distribution

Paul Ring is a successful entrepreneur in the music industry. He is the CEO of BungaloRecords and Entertainment, a position which encompasses management of all operations of the company including artist acquisition, budgeting, production, distribution, and marketing. At age 19, Ring began his initial success in the music industry as a recording engineer with Capitol Records on the 1979 Grammy winning recording of “Boogie OogieOogie” with “Taste of Honey”. In 1980 through 1989 Ring had continued great success as a recording engineer for Bobby Caldwell‟s #1 record “What you won‟t do for Love” and another #1 album for Greg Allman‟scomeback record ”I‟m no angel”. With these and many other successful recordings Ring was all over the charts with top artists Smokey Robinson, Jazz Crusaders, Gladys Knight, Jimmy Cliff, X, and the Temptations. In April 2000, Mr. Ring inked his own deal for BungaloRecords, which is exclusively distributed by “Universal Music Distribution.” Bungalo‟sfirst major signing was platinum artist and producer DJ QUIK. That was followed up with several more successful rap projects including Mack 10, Bizzyboneand SugaFree. Mr. Ring‟s next step was to build Bungalo‟sprofile from the perennial West Coast rap label to a full service mainstream label. The current release schedule boasts platinum artists Patti LaBelle, Carl Thomas, Tweet, and Heavy D. In January of 2007 Bungalo‟srelease of Patti Labelle remained at #1 on the Billboard charts for 10 weeks. Mr. Ring has a heavy community involvement and awareness commitment with” The Points Of Lights Foundation” (POL) in bringing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Patti LaBelle‟sCD releases donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer research.At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, Mr. Ring will use his contacts in the film and music industries to expand the Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince promotion and artist endorsement base and generate brand awareness. All of the music related product developed by Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince will be released on the Bungalo/Universal label.

JJ Brumfield, Marketing Associate

Mr. Brumfield previously served as the CEO of Movie Tunes, LLC, an in-cinema advertising company representing over 12,000 movie theatres nationwide. Prior to that he was the Co-Founder and CFO for Theatre Advertising Group, LLC a national sales representation firm that represented Movie Tunes, Inc. in theatre national advertising sales. Here, he was responsible for negotiating the acquisition of Movie Tunes, Inc. and securing the funding for the transaction. Previously was Co-Founder and CFO of NBG Radio Network, Inc. a national radio syndication company with shows such as Hollywood Hamilton’s Weekend Top 30, BiggSnoop DoggRadio, Teein’ It Up with Peter Jacobsen, The John and Jeff Show, Dave KozRadio Show, and many more. He started the company with only one show, The Golden Age of Radio, and grew it producing more than 30 nationally syndicated radio shows. Mr. Brumfield spent years in public accounting as well as playing professional golf at the Canadian PGA Tour level. He attended Portland State University on a football scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, Mr. Brumfield will assist with all special marketing endeavors and expansion into the college and university world where he and his partners control the advertising on 225 major U.S. college high def screens in the areas wherethe students eat lunch and dinner.

iLiaAnossov–Artistic Director, Fresco Collection

To realize his vision, iLiaAnossov(fresco) has intentionally created a dual career. A highly successful professional fresco artist for the past 28 years, he‟s also the founder, owner and head instructor of the well‐established Fresco School in Los Angeles, California. Since it‟s beginnings as The Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program in 1997, The Fresco School has grown to become the world‟s premiere institution for instruction in the “Mother of All Arts,” the (buon) true fresco technique. Fresco has unfortunately experienced a temporary decline throughout the turbulent 20th century, leaving only a handful of living experts practicing this important and ancient art form. Through his continuous contributions to the art of Fresco as both artist and educator, iLiais considered to be one of these recognized masters.

iLiahas been widely exhibited in Russia, Europe and the U.S. including nine museum exhibitions and over 50 solo and group exhibitions around the world. In 2003, he completed the “Albuquerque Fresco,” the largest contemporary buonfresco project in the western US since Diego Rivera. Other commissions include large‐scale murals in world‐renowned sites such as the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles, Augustus Tower and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as design and production of the décor for the 76thAcademy Awards Governors Ball. iLia‟swork and articles have been featured/published in a number of catalogs, news papers, Internet art portals including Los Angeles Times, TrueFrescoArt Network, Dan's Paper, Downtown News (LA), Springfield News, Wall street Journal, Argonaut (LA), Pasadena Weekly, Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2007, Faux Finish Magazine and many others.Always eager to find more ways to infuse fresco into the lexicon of the contemporary world, iLiahas designed a new line of apparel, called The Fresco Collection. iLiateamed up with fashion designer Phillip Prince to head the Art Department of Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, LLC. The collection consists of complete line of silk fashions with original modern fresco designs. Another exclusive product of iLia‟sdesign for Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, LLC is a line of athletic jackets and football jerseys called ¨The Tony Dorsett Hall of Fame Jackets and Jerseys.Currently, iLiais creating a 3000 square foot fresco in the interior of a private residence in Malibu, California. His design for this piece integrates several different styles of fresco and graffito from different eras of fresco history, similar to how frescoes appear when one location is painted over time and time again over the course of many years. Blending the styles in this way, he layers and juxtaposes the fresco designs, re-creating a stylized version that resembles centuries of frescoes being laid atop one another.

Tony Dorsett

Mr. Dorsett has won a national college championship, the coveted Heisman Trophy, and a Super Bowl championship, earning him a permanent place in both the NCAA and the NFL Halls of Fame. The same year of his Hall of Fame inductions, he was also added to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. In September of 2001, his former high school, Hopewell High, honored their formerViking by renaming their football stadium –the Tony Dorsett Stadium. Mr. Dorsett is a native of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania –just 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh. He played college football at the University of Pittsburgh and played professionally for the Dallas Cowboys. He officially retired from playing football in 1990. Tony has served on the board for Project Turnaround, a social outreach arm of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship whose mission is to help rebuild urban communities. He is presently on the board for the Gift for Life Foundation which educates people about kidney diseases and the organ donation process. At Ava, Kennedy & Philip Prince, Mr. Dorsett will use his relationships in the sporting and business world to help establish an Advisory Board of Directors. The Advisory Board will include a number of sports celebrities along with prominent celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and business.


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